My Services

Developing and implementing individually adapted solutions for the following areas:

Staff selection
People management
Employee development
Succession planning, Generation change
Employee communication
Compensation and benefits management


Developing and implementing training courses, based on defined requirements and goals:

Staff selection – ensuring greater accuracy and professionalism
Employee appraisal – encouraging feedback and target setting
Mentoring training – helping colleagues support colleagues
People management training – recognising and developing potential
Communication – talking to one another
Conflicts - recognising and using them constructively

Employee satisfaction right from the start:
Developing and conducting Assessment Centers

Assessment-Centers offer the possibility of placing employees within the company according to their individual capabilities.
Qualified assessment and evaluation are tools to avoid high turnover, high sickness levels and potential burnout with their hidden and unforeseen costs.

Supporting Change Processes:
Coaching and Moderation

Using systematic processes and orientated on the Company‘s goals, coaching can expand the awareness of one‘s own resources, develop choices of action and faster decision-making ability.
Through impartial moderation, tasks, problems or conflicts can be resolved jointly in a fair and stimulating environment.

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